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collective /kəˈlɛktɪv/
adjective: done by people acting as a group. noun: a cooperative enterprise.
At The Creative Collective, we know that every business has a story worth telling.
As seasoned creatives, content strategists and digital ninjas, we also know that telling these compelling, credibility-building stories in today’s crowded digital world is a big challenge, especially if you’re focusing on growing your business.
By partnering with some of the biggest talent in the business, we help bring brand stories to life.


Clarissa is a passionate planner and communicator, who has dedicated her career to telling unique brand stories through blogs, award-winning creative campaigns and attention-grabbing digital strategies. She founded The Creative Collective in 2017, to help small businesses find their brand voice and tell their story more effectively.


Vanessa is an award-winning photographer and videographer, and owner of Tauranga-based Indigo Moon and IM Home photography and videography companies. After more than a decade behind the lens, Vanessa's experience and aesthetic eye brings brands to life through captivating brand stories, immersive 3D videos and world-class photography.


Roeloff is our (remote) resident design rain maker, with experience in social media, UX/UI and lifestyle magazines. He delivers consistent high-quality work in a range of different formats and is able to easily incorporate a client's creative vision into designs that are modern, yet authentic, and embodies each brand's unique personality.


Liesl a skilled proofreader and editor with broad experience in journalism, marketing and communications in South Africa and New Zealand. A keen (and relentless) eye for detail and exceptional ability to turn bad copy, and even good copy, into great copy, makes her a great asset to our content arsenal.

WHAT WE DO our services

Our offering centres around helping you create and tell an authentic brand story by equipping you with the tools and knowledge to plan, create and maintain quality content and a concrete digital strategy.
All our services are holistically tailored for your business, following a 30-minute chat to understand your goals and needs. We have standard packages available, but also offer a wide range of stand-alone services, workshops and one-on-one consulting sessions depending on your business needs and budget.